Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday Sessions #5 - King Creosote, From Scotland With Love

I have been a fan of King Creosote for a while now, since I saw him supporting KT Tunstall when I was about 13. Kenny Anderson is his real name, and he comes from Fife, Scotland; (if you couldn't tell he was Scottish from the accent he sings in!) I absolutely love the way he sings, too many people these days sing in a forced American style accent, whereas KC sings so effortlessly and naturally in his mother tongue. 

The album is delicate and easy listening, and seems like it was released very patriotically in the same week as the Commonwealth Games began in Glasgow. 

The track listing is as follows; 

1 Something To Believe In
2 Cargill
3 Largs
4 Miserable Strangers
5 Leaf Piece
6 For One Night Only
7 Bluebell, Cockleshell, 123
8 One Floor Down
9 Crystal 8s
10 Pauper’s Dough
11. A Prairie Tale
Have a listen.

Livvy x


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