Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Roisin O

I just had to let you all know about a great artist from Dublin - Róisín O. Her mother is Mary Black, so music must run through her like a stick of Blackpool rock.

She has recently finished supporting her mother on her UK tour, my parents bought me her record The Secret Life Of Blue from one of her shows as they thought I'd like it, they thought right - I'm just sorry I wasn't there to see her play live!

The Secret Life Of Blue was actually released in 2012, it reached 21 in the Irish top 100 when it was released - all I could think on my first listen was "how have I not heard of her before!?!"

Track listing
Here We Go 
Climb High 
How Long 
Filled With Snow 
Hold On 
Let's Find Some People 
Tea Song 
You Owe Me a Drink 
Find the Light 
The Secret Life of Blue

You can hear the Irish folk roots in her voice, especially in track one Here We Go.
Track 7, Let's Find Some People is a great uplifting track telling us not to let life pass us by. Each track tells us a different story - another great Irish folk trait - Roisin gives her record a contemporary pop feel while not straying from her roots. 

One of my favourite tracks is How Long - check out this amazing acoustic performance using vocal harmonisers.

Her latest single is a great anthem about being in love and was used in the recent Irish referendum for marriage equality - check it out here

I can only hope she tours again soon, I'm definitely a huge fan.

Livvy x

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Melody Gardot - Currency Of Man. Review

Here we are, blessed with Melody Gardot's long awaited fourth studio album - Currency Of Man. I am delighted to share my thoughts on this groundbreaking record from the enigmatic Gardot.

Taking a different turn from the Buenos Aires tango style and Portuguese jazz style of The Absence, Currency Of Man takes us in a different direction. Lyrically this record demonstrates Gardot's longing for peace in the world. The whole record gives off an even more mature sound, if that is possible, Gardot's life experiences are evident in her writing of love, strength and of the sometimes cruel world we live in.

I notice a horn section is featured on many of the songs on this record, this gives the record a lift, although without I'm sure the record would still be fabulous, it just adds to the undeniable jazz infused talent of Gardot's writing. The backing singers on Same To You and She Don't Know bring more of a contemporary sound to her music, which sounds very comfortable for Gardot.

My absolute favourite track of the record is Morning Sun - a beautiful, simple and calm track evoking hope and wisdom, as she tells us "this world is made for dreaming, this world is made for you."

Currency Of Man - (The Artist's Cut) track listing is as follows -

1 - Don't Misunderstand
2 - Don't Talk
3 - It Gonna Come
4 - Bad News
5 - She Don't Know
6 - "Palmas De Rua"
7 - Same To You
8 - No Man's Prize
9 - March For Mingus
10 - Preacherman
11 - Morning Sun
12 - If I Ever Recall Your Face
13 - Once I Was Loved
14 - After The Rain
15 - Burying My Troubles

Currency of Man is released June 1st on Verve

Monday, 18 May 2015

University is over!

Well, I thought i'd let you all know... my dissertation has been submitted!!! It was a stressful few weeks leading up to submission, and of course I caught a dreaded cold as I was so run down. After no sleep for a week and 15 hours in the library the day before submission, I managed to submit it on time, 3 hours before the deadline in fact!

Now is the dreaded wait to find out my degree classification, I honestly just want to pass, that's it. I've learned a lot at university, and although things might not have gone to plan with certain aspects of it, I have come out a much stronger person. 

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to go to university, is this the end for me and education? Who knows, right now I'm going to take some time to figure out what I want and get me feeling a bit better as I'm very run down!

No more university means I have more time for my blog, hurray! I have found out about and been sent some fantastic music I want to share with you all, so watch this space...!

Livvy x

Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Doctorates

We are all about variety here at A World Of Music and Madness, one week Melody Gardot, next week, indie rock. In between dissertation writing (stressing) I wanted to tell you about a great new band the Doctorates and their new single Make For An Exit/Why Not. Check the tracks out down below

I think you'll agree that they are a mixture of the Vaccines and the Ramones. Make for an exit is a catchy indie anthem that would be sure to get a crowd moving. Whatever/whoever you think they sound like, there's no denying, their songs are upbeat, catchy and they're going to go far! Let me know what you think! Give them a like on Facebook

Livvy x