Thursday, 21 May 2015

Melody Gardot - Currency Of Man. Review

Here we are, blessed with Melody Gardot's long awaited fourth studio album - Currency Of Man. I am delighted to share my thoughts on this groundbreaking record from the enigmatic Gardot.

Taking a different turn from the Buenos Aires tango style and Portuguese jazz style of The Absence, Currency Of Man takes us in a different direction. Lyrically this record demonstrates Gardot's longing for peace in the world. The whole record gives off an even more mature sound, if that is possible, Gardot's life experiences are evident in her writing of love, strength and of the sometimes cruel world we live in.

I notice a horn section is featured on many of the songs on this record, this gives the record a lift, although without I'm sure the record would still be fabulous, it just adds to the undeniable jazz infused talent of Gardot's writing. The backing singers on Same To You and She Don't Know bring more of a contemporary sound to her music, which sounds very comfortable for Gardot.

My absolute favourite track of the record is Morning Sun - a beautiful, simple and calm track evoking hope and wisdom, as she tells us "this world is made for dreaming, this world is made for you."

Currency Of Man - (The Artist's Cut) track listing is as follows -

1 - Don't Misunderstand
2 - Don't Talk
3 - It Gonna Come
4 - Bad News
5 - She Don't Know
6 - "Palmas De Rua"
7 - Same To You
8 - No Man's Prize
9 - March For Mingus
10 - Preacherman
11 - Morning Sun
12 - If I Ever Recall Your Face
13 - Once I Was Loved
14 - After The Rain
15 - Burying My Troubles

Currency of Man is released June 1st on Verve


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