Sunday, 15 May 2016


I haven't done a personal post for a good while, so I thought I would update you all on a few things. 
I have a new job! My first job out of uni really wasn't doing it for me, I won't go into it but I really wasn't happy there, but I stuck it out till I found something better and boy, have I found something better now! 
It has been exactly a year since I handed in my dissertation - I don't know where that time has gone! I am thinking about publishing it somewhere online. In case you don't know I wrote it about the popularity of Stock, Aitken and Waterman and as I found when I was writing it, there isn't a lot written about them so maybe it could help someone else's research? Please let me know if anyone would like to read it!
I just celebrated my 23rd birthday and the lovely Tom took me to Dublin, safe to say I have fallen in love with the whole place! I am already planning when we can go next! We went to the Guinness storehouse, wandered around O'Connell street and Grafton Street and of course drank in almost every pub in Temple Bar. We stayed at the gorgeous Temple Bar Hotel and it was fabulous, it definitely should have more than 3 stars!  
Here's a picture of us by the River Liffey after a few pints!

For the past week I have been playing Roisin O's new single non-stop, it is fantastic. Check out the great video below. She is a fantastic talent and deserves all the success, I hope to see her hit the charts in England very soon. 
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