Sunday, 24 January 2016

Alex Vargas | Giving Up The Ghost EP OUT NOW

Remember last year when I was invited to an intimate Alex Vargas gig? Well finally his long awaited EP is out now! 

Vargas comes from Denmark, and has been working on music tirelessly for 10 years, you may remember his band Vagabond from 2009. Since they disbanded he has been working on solo material, this new EP is a showcase of his incredible writing talent and soulful voice. 

The title track Giving Up The Ghost is a soulful, wonderfully catchy, carefully crafted anthem which demonstrates his vast vocal range. Wear Your Demons Out takes me to another place, I almost get lost in ambient drum beat paired with the guitar reverberation. The lyrics and Vargas' voice evoke much soul and emotion, as does the whole record.

I hope this EP catapults Vargas into huge success, he most definitely deserves it.

Track listing 

1. Giving Up The Ghost
2. Solid Ground
3. Wear Your Demons Out
4. Shackled Up
5. Oh Love, How You Break Me Up
6. Ashes

Let me know what you think!

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