Friday, 25 September 2015

Sam Smith | Writing's On The Wall

Today (September 25th) sees the much anticipated release of the new Bond theme song, Writing's On The Wall by Sam Smith. 
Bond theme songs are typically big, showy and feature huge orchestrations to coincide with the adrenaline rush of the films.

The focus of Writing's On The Wall is Smith's vast vocal talent, particularly his strong falsetto. The track is quite restrained and slow, slower than Adele's Skyfall. It features hints of a string orchestration, which rises at times. The climax of the chorus leaves us only with Smith's voice and faint piano chords. 

When I first heard the track, I didn't think "WOW!". My first thoughts were "this is interesting", it gives off a very mysterious feel, and I suppose there is a lot of mystery in Bond films.

There have been 23 official Bond themes, it would be easy to copy the fast pace of Live and Let Die, or the big and showy Diamonds are Forever; Sam Smith has given us a completely different Bond theme, which makes it even more unique. 

Let me know your thoughts anyway!

Livvy x


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