Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Sessions #1

Here's the first in my favourite music, new and old. Relax with a cuppa and the Sunday papers and listen to my few picks of Sunday Sessions.

The first song is the new release from First Aid Kit, you will probably have heard the brilliant'My Silver Lining' being played a lot on Radio 2. This new single is from their second album 'Stay Gold'. Their songs are really catchy with harmonies written and sung to perfection. They've taken the catchy sound of euro pop and put a folky twist onto it. 

Another favourite song of mine is Gary Barlow's 'Let Me Go' from his first solo album since 1999. To the typical music snob, they may have many judgements as he is a member of Take That and a common TV personality, but don't judge his music until you have listened to it, there is a reason he has achieved the amount of number one's he has done. 'Let Me Go' is musically, a happy song, but listening to the lyrics and as he said himself, it is a painfully sad song written about his daughter who was still born. It is a sad song, but uplifting at the same time. Barlow writes the most catchy pop songs, another brilliant song from his album is 'Since I Saw You Last' a great f*** you song to the people who dropped him from his first solo record deal. 

A small look at my music picks

Stand by for next weeks

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