Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

A lot has happened this past month, apologies for not posting, I'm in complete holiday mode at the moment, my typing isn't what it used to be.. but I am back for an update and a wish of a very Happy New Year to everyone. 

I had my first support slot gig last month, a friend of mine from work back in Liverpool and my old recording teacher (and friend!) from college asked me to support their band at their EP launch gig. I was terrified but I jumped and did it; it gave me a kick up the arse, I wrote a new song within a week, which is a record as I usually write half a song a year.

The gig poster (with my name on!!!)

It went really well and I felt so comfortable, one of my resolutions in this new year is definitely to get out and play more.

I finished uni for christmas, I did my presentation for one of my modules, I've stressed over my essays (and still stressing!) but I made it to the end of a very good year. I've spent the past 3 weeks having the time of my life, I went to London for a last minute Christmas shopping trip with my boyfriend, I spent Christmas seeing my family and I got to spend some of it with my lovely boyfriend and his lovely family, and I got to spend New Years getting very drunk and playing guitar till 4am with them! 

I love the end of a year, its like finishing a good book, what will happen in the next? we'll see...

Livvy x


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