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The Shires | My Universe - Released Friday 30th September

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The Shires are back with their second studio album My Universe released tomorrow. The duo are leading a surge in youth interest in country music (Music Week). According to a new CMA (Country Music Association) study, 47% of 18-24 year olds now identify themselves as country music fans. The reception of country music has changed rapidly over the past few years, Taylor Swift brought country music to the masses and now with UK stars such as Ward Thomas and The Shires, the popularity of the genre will continue to grow. 
Last year The Shires became the first UK country act to have a top 10 album and they were the biggest selling country music act in the UK (this includes US country artists),  
Their first single Beats To Your Rhythm sounds almost as if it was tailor made for Radio 2 with it's catchy chorus and stomping drum beat. The pair are much loved by the station, they have had 5 A list singles and are the album of the week this week.
This second album showcases their trademark harmonies, their voices blended together are perfection. This is shown especially on track 3 - Not Even Drunk Right Now.

This record also includes some beautiful ballads showcasing Ben Earle & Crissie Rhodes' songwriting talents. 
Naked is a beautiful love song evoking much emotion through Crissie's gorgeous vocal. Daddy's  Little Girl is a real tear jerker - written by Crissie about her late father.
Everything You Never Gave is a heartfelt story of the absence of his father and what he's learned not to do with his own son. Ben has recently become a father, in fact he almost missed their slot at Glastonbury as he was at the birth of his son just hours before they were due on for their heatline slot on the acoustic stage.
As well as ballads, the album includes some great up beat tracks - A Thousand Hallelujahs is a great country anthem featuring a cracking catchy chorus and of course a banjo throughout.
The success of The Shires is set to continue and I can imagine this album will be a contender for a spot in the top 5 of the album charts, if not number 1.
My Universe is released tomorrow on Decca Records.
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