Monday, 10 August 2015

The Swapsies - Piglet and Pooh/The Trouble With Lee

My dear friends The Swapsies have released their first double a-side vinyl on Lovelypool recordings - Piglet and Pooh / The Trouble With Lee.

The Swapsies are pro's at writing and performing fun, catchy pop songs and they have been a prominent feature on the Liverpool music scene for a few years now.

Piglet and Pooh is a gorgeous love song with some of my favourite lyrics in a song ever -

"I need you, like airfix needs glue, and like piglet needs pooh and a little like sooty needs sue" 

Listen to them playing the song live at last years indietracks festival here -

The Trouble With Lee is written about The La's singer Lee Mavers. Singer, guitarist, songwriter and glockenspiel player Andy cites The La's as one of his favourite bands.

The Swapsies deserve all the success in the world, and more. I really admire their work ethic, as well as their sound! Their uplifting sound is infectious, I can't help but smile and sing along when I hear their music.

You can buy the record and other recordings from the Swapsies here.

Check out an interview I did with The Swapsies last year here

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