Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Sessions #8 - Taylor Swift

This week, former country singer Taylor Swift announced her fifth studio album titled 1989. Swift herself says it is her first official pop album. The first single from the album 'Shake it off' is a big step away from her country music routes. If I didn't know it was the 'Love Story' singer, it would be hard for me to tell if it was her singing. 

She has come a long way from her days as a country singer singing about the teardrops on her guitar. 

I'm all for artists growing and changing their sound, KT Tunstall subtly changed her sound in her last 2 albums, for some reason I can't warm to Taylor's new single. 

In the wake of Miley Cyrus' drastic changes to her look and sound, could Taylor Swift be heading a similar way? 

Let me know your thoughts!

Livvy x


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