Thursday, 13 March 2014


Liverpool Town Hall

I was inspired to post about my home city after watching this video in response to the awfully embarrasing 'This Is Liverpool' 'reality' show trailer.  

Albert Docks

As the video says - Liverpool can't really be summed up in one sentence. 

I saw the comedian Russell Kane at his Liverpool show last year and he said that when someone says they are from Liverpool, its the only place where it's not followed by the words 'it's a shit hole'. 

It's hard to explain how good the city is, how great the city is. You have to visit it to understand -  as the video says, it has the 'We'll look after you mate' kind of attitude. 

I know people think that the accent might be a bit harsh on the ear sometimes, I have thought that myself before - but its the accent and whole personality of the city and the people in it, the architecture and the hidden gems of the city, the endless music scene, the great nights out, the coastal spots which could be mistaken for a holiday destination (on a sunny day!) which make it 'Lovelypool'.

Livvy x


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