Monday, 30 September 2013

What's going on...

So, second year has started, and I think its gonna be a tough one.

I only have seven and a half hours teaching a week, now, you may be thinking "What are you paying £9000 for?!" but I'm two weeks into second year and I am already thinking about the books I need to be reading and what I need to be researching in my spare time. My modules are all written based for this semester, so I have three, 3000 word essays to write for submission in January and a twenty minute presentation for November. Cue panic mode.

It will be great writing practice though, and as long as I keep on top of everything, I hope I will be ok. (fingers crossed)

I had a great lecturer today who really got me thinking and because he was enthusiastic, so was I. There is nothing worse than a lecturer just reading off a piece of paper in the same monotonous tone.

I have recently started writing for , on a volunteering basis, but it's a really good platform for starting out and I think the website will get a lot bigger.

Livvy x


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